Mini Tek Festival 2008

This was the Mini Tek 2008 Festival website. Content below is from the site's 2008 archived pages as well as 2008 Wired article entitled Digital Art Illuminates Minitek Festival.
If you attended as I did, you probably were blown away by the light displays and the music. I attended with a posse of friends. We all wore T shirts w/ Batman designs ranging from Batman's iconic logo to super realistic sublimated printed T-shirts that looked like armor or 3 dimensional images. Very cool. They were great conversation starters to say the least. The Mini Tek Festival was a great idea. I only wished they held them annually.

401, Seventh Ave at 33rd St
Midtown Manhattan

Bowery St and Stillwell Avenue
Coney Island, Brooklyn

VIP weekend pass includes:
- private VIP entrance and check-in area to receive your credentials
- access to VIP areas at day & night venues
- official minitek t-shirt & exclusive minitek VIP merchandise
- drink specials
- VIP bathroom access
- free bus transfer provided between day and night venue and vice versa*
- Reservation access to official festival hotel - please email to with your ticket order number. Reservation must be made with ticket purchaser’s name and are subject to availability.
- more benefits to be announced soon!!


minitek saturday night will be held at Studio B tonight at 259 Banker Street in Greenpoint. See you there!!!

dear all,

here it finally is: new york’s electronic music + innovation festival! minitek is going to be slightly different from other festivals you know, even very different at times.

first of all because the festival combines two aspects: electronic music and innovation. while it seems pretty straight forward at first, you’ll see soon that we’re going to explore innovation not only in respect to music but also to other forms of art, science and technology.

for the first minitek, we’ve been lucky to get support from some of the most exciting electronic music talents from around the world. alongside the most sought-after artists who have a solid following in the US, you will hear top acts from abroad whose US debuts have been eagerly awaited for years and you’ll discover young emerging artists that are currently gaining tremendous momentum, some of which are home-grown new york locals.

we know that the genre of “electronic music” covers many other facets that you won’t find on minitek’s lineup, like progressive or drum’n’bass for instance. we chose the term because most artists can’t possibly be reduced to one single genre, and it leaves room for interpretation and development.

as for the innovation aspect of minitek, we wanted to bring some of the most ingenious projects and inventions from all around the world off the internet and right to your doorstep. we selected a range of experimental art and technology installations that you can discover and try out in the innovation pavillion during the day. and during the night, visual artists will fill the walls with their most unconventional projections.

also, we will introduce new consumer technologies that have never been applied in a festival context - such as RFID wristbands, which will make your festival experience so much more convenient, with a smidgen of surprise around each corner.

an integral part of minitek is the village, which will serve as an exhibition area for a range of creative industry players. we invited music technology companies to demonstrate their novelty products and softwares that will change the way music is created, and local as well as international record labels will let you come across their newest releases and freshly signed artists.

all in all, we wanted minitek to be an experience; present sounds you haven’t heard and ideas you didn’t even know existed. a playground of sorts, in a city we love.

your minitek team


innovation for minitek night we’re pleased to present electronic art that emphasize a visual component. a few award-winning visual artists will transform minitek’s night venue; 360 degrees of screens around the venue’s 70’x 35’ rectangular dancefloor and performing stage will be animated with projections, fully immersing you in a visual landscape, never overpowering but blending in with the sound and a large 40’x20’ screen at the venue’s entrance will serve as an animated billboard. we will also present a variety of installations in the innovation area of the night venue.


Digital Art Illuminates Minitek Festival

THEY’RE TRYING OUT some wild and crazy interactive stuff at the Minitek Festival this weekend. Artists from around the world are gathered in New York City through Sept. 14th to showcase experiments in data-driven fireworks that meld music cues with visual razzle dazzle.

The talent includes Londoner Paul Prudence, who presents SonLattice /Talysis (pictured above), inspired by the mythological snake Ouroborous as a symbol of self-perpetuating loops.


Then there’s Tokyo-based RFID artist / DJ Daito Manabe.

Manabe’s light sequencer stairway is programmed to translate numerical values relayed by sensors into sounds, images and color.




Argentian artist Dilo’s Percussa AudioCubes deploys wireless computer technology and MIDI software so participants can use their computer to create music through hands-on interaction



Norway’s Marius Watz practices what he calls “visual hedonism,” working with Java, VVVV and Flash software to generate live music visuals.



Berlin-based designer Norman Fairbanks performs music with a robot and an assortment a custom-made machines for a concert drawn from his 7 Days Microsleep Tenori-On album.



Albert Hwang’s Wiremap projector throws its beam on an array of vertical wires to shape a 3D “object” made entirely of light. The Wiremap light sculpture shifts position and changes color in response to keyboard and mouse input.




minitek is pleased to present you a series of competitions that challenge your creativity! remixers, designers, visual artists, photographers and film makers: get ready!

minitek's remix competition - presented by Indaba, Ableton and AirDrop Records

in collaboration with Indaba Music, Ableton and AirDrop Records, minitek launched a remix competition!

parts of Fase Miusic Sender's "Lejano Oeste" track that was released on AirDrop Records have been made available for remixers. from now until september 3, 12:59 EDT (NYC time zone) you will have the chance to produce a killer remix of the track! if your remix convinces the jury made up of the two argentine guys behind Fase Miusic Sender, AirDrop's label owner and of course minitek, your remix will be played by one of the AirDrop artists at the festival, and more importantly: it will be released on AirDrop!!

the competition has been made possible in collaboration with Indaba Music, an international community of musicians, music professionals, and fans exploring the creative possibilities of making music with people in different places. Indaba Music fosters a community that offers new opportunities for artists at all levels to connect and work creatively together, regardless of location; an incredible initiative that will shape the future of music production, especially for emerging artists like you!

Ableton, being the preferred software among most electronic music producers around the world, is also supporting the remix competition.

to enter the competition, just put your seatbelts on, prepare for long nights!



thank you for all your submissions, we're currently picking our favourite and will announce the winner soon!

after having kept you all waiting for the tshirt competition, here it is: take a shot at having your design on the official minitek t-shirt!!

all you have to do is download the file with the templates and the guidelines! have fun!!